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Are you ready for a makeover in your house, apartment or office?

If you are planning your next residential or commercial renovation and are in need of a reliable, contact professionals
JLM - Painting & Remodeling

We offer full service residential and commercial painting in your local area and metropolitan district. Our fully licensed and insured professionals take the atension and concern for his next painting project. prepare every paint job and ensure that your furniture and floors are fully protected. Our painters carefully protect every space before applying two coats of paint. Besides our professional and clean space restored exactly as you wish. There are no exceptions.

Your satisfaction is our main goal. No work will take account unless you are 100% satisfied with the final product. This also includes the use of high quality paint that is in the environment. We also verify the background and pre-select all of our workers so you can rest easy (a) and trust the people who work for you.

our projects can be large or small, do not worry leave it to professionals JLM - Painting & Remodeling

All furniture, items, and floors are covered. The walls and ceilings are inspected for cracks, fill and sand. All baseboards, windows and frames are professionally recorded.

This includes the preparation (primer) thoroughly before applying two coats of quality paint.

Cleaning and Restoration:
Rooms are returned to their previous state: The tape is removed, the floors and carpets are returned to their place, all trash is placed in a contractor bag and removed from the property.

Post-painting inspection of work. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Inspect our work before we consider the job complete.

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 ** Paint 
                   interior & exterior 
 ** addition, partitions and repair  
 ** remodeling & construction          
 ** bathrooms, kitchens & bedrooms


**  Carpentry
**  Plumbing Works ... (certified)
**  Electrical Works ... (licensed)
**  Hardwood & Tile, Vinilic, Ceramic.
** Pressure Washing
** Waterproof Floor  (Special)

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